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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Experience the fast open space of the Namibian landscape with Absolut Tours on motorbike. Travel 6 000 km with your friends and stay over at luxurious lodges with a support van to take care of all your other requirements. Like booking you in at the next destination, carrying your luggage and all the necessary spare parts and tools to ensure a smooth ride. Book your next adventure with Absolut Tours. A Procure multimedia production.

Video created by: Procure Multimedia
Camera Operators: Wilhelm Rabie ,  Euvrard Loubser
Editors: Wilhelm,  Euvrard
Compression: Wilhelm,  Euvrard

Procure studios is a film and editing company located in cape town south africa.. we specialize in all multi media and filming operations


The final happening in Soweto South Africa today at four. truly a historical game. Breaking the racist boundaries once more. South Africa is really an amazing country.
The Sormers, up from Cape Town, have the meanest defence.

And those not from the Rainbow Nation might not realise that this is more than just a South African rugby derby to settle the southern hemisphere club rugby title.

A journey into South African outdoor trance culture.

Edited by Wilhelm Rabie ( Procure multimedia )

The desert has a strong relationship with spiritual quests. The desert itself invokes images of a vast expanse, where man may be alone to commune with the higher power and forces of nature.

Namibia South west Africa

Filmed and edited by Procure Multimedia

This Tiles Singer dudes awesome.

this is truly amazing

There’s something about a fat barrel in cold water. Must be the density and a bigger want to make it out ( or else your head will freeze ha). Definitely makes you surf better in warmer water. the water feels Soft and no wetsuit restrictions.

Cape Town’s an awesome place for waves. If you travel around the Peninsula, you’ll definitely find a wave somewhere, all year long, for almost any wind direction.(just gotta handle the cold atlantic).The  H@#&$ ! Right in the corner. On one of those Good days when the conditions say it’s gonna cook and it DOES !!!

Filmed and edited by Procure MultiMedia

From the ghetto’s of Cape Town South Africa, Rass Eddie is another positive story from ‘stiek uit, jou bang ding’.

Being born and raised in the heart of Elsies river. Eddie fought against the odds to follow his passion and create a legitimate  mechanic shop ( where he employs and teaches underprivileged people from the ghetto about mechanics ) and TOP awarded drifter.  Eddie influences hundreds of kids throughout the Elsie’s river with his mom every day. He’s the true meaning to ‘ Stiek uit ! ‘.

Filmed and Edited by Procure multimedia

Marky ‘Chippy’ Van Niekerk

Cape Town Gardens  rough Double set

Soon to be line

The truth about skateboarding. Get tricks or die trying.

Procure multimedia Houses a full skateboard cinematography crew with fish eye ride along and long shot capabilities.

we offer a lower and more afordable way to put web videos and promotional videos on your web site.


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Me and my good friend Mike searching new and un-skated spots.

The endless search and obsession with new spots and new tricks. Uncharted. Euvrard Loubser and Mike MacDonald’s extensive 5 year expedition through asia.

This particular day we spotted this school in the eye of  the Typhoon. 21 tricks in 2 hours or something like that… Michael Macarooni RAINY DAY AT THE BAR

holy Skate Land  !!!