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a Spoof ad of a South African Brandy. Something my friend Dino concocted in his nearly sane mind. Though we had no money and lots of friends, we made this happen over a bottle of this famous SA brandy.

Thanks to all the amigo’s who made this possible. Fun times !!!

Actors : Ismael Grant, Euvrard Loubser, Tumiso Tsukudo, Wilhelm G Rabie, Dino Van Rooyen, Neil Scott

Writer: Dino Van Rooyen
Director: Wilhelm G Rabie
Camera Operator: Wilhelm G Rabie / Euvrard G Loubser
Editor: Wilhelm G Rabie

Procure multimedia production

Procure studios is a film and editing company located in cape town south africa.. we specialize in all multi media and filming operations

Met ace


  1. Very cool Ev!!!…Lookin’ DOPE in those threads!!….LOL!!!…Slick video brotha!!

  2. awesome!! !! lol … see you guys soooooooon!!!
    lots of love from formosa!!

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