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RIP Shane Cross August 22, 1986 – March 7, 2007

Shane Cross was a professional skateboarder from the Gold Coast of Australia. In March of 2007, Shane was involved in a motorcycle accident with fellow skater Ali Boulala. Ali made it through his critical condition in the hospital, but Shane would not make it and died during the crash.

Shane was a super nice, young skater that brought smiles and laughter to every session. It is a very sad and unfortunate incident but his spirit lives on in skateboarding as well as his friends and family.

Words from fellow skateboarders:

“Shane was alive  a man of soul and compassion, a dreamer, a night prowler. The style was high, the night higher, and the spirit levels were off the scale. He would want nothing less than for us all to carry on the torch. Let his spirit ride on.”  Geoff Rowley

“If you were looking for trouble, Shane was the man to see.
If you were looking for good times, good times were guaranteed.

Shane was as cool as a Coopers Pale Ale on ice,
His dress sense hotter than the rollin’ dice.

If you gave him an inch, he’d take you a mile
And all around the world, Shane could make people smile.

Shane Cross was a live wire.

Ride on in peace.” – Ewan Bowman

Directed by Geoff Rowley, Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon

Filmed and edited by Ewan Bowman

Info:  Grind TV

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