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Eddie Rasta is another positive story in ‘ Stiek uit, jou bang ding! ‘. From the infamous ganglands of the Cape Flats, Procure multimedia brings you a Community uplifting TV show, that aims to help, promote and highlight the people making a difference in the less privileged communities of Cape Town South Africa.

Eddie Rasta is an inspiration to many kids in his community where he and his family has created a safe haven in the middle of the gang stricken Elsies Rivier. Eddie teaches kids about car mechanics and shows them there’s another way other than gangsterism.

“So sit stil en hou vas, en laat die show jou verras!”

Procure multimedia has a contract with CTV ( Cape Town Local Community TV channel) for prime time ( 19:00 – 19:30 ) Plus 2 reruns. ‘Stiek uit’ will also be aired on Soweto TV ( DSTV ) by next year.  We still have advertising and different sponsorship spots available before we can create our dream.            To be apart and market directly to this geographic market contact Euvrard Loubser at +27 (0)72 408 8000 or alternatively mail

To change the world all you need is a vision

Created by: Procure Multimedia
Concept: Wilhelm Rabie,  Simean February and Euvrard Loubser
Camera Operator: Euvrard Loubser, Wilhem Rabie
Editor: Wilhelm Rabie and Euvrard Loubser
Sound: Simean February , Mad Production
Graphic: Ismael Grant


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