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AKKEDIS. The Lizard Dudes of Stellenbosch.

Lee Ann does a collaboration with Akkedis for a song by Lenny Skynyrd and stunned the audience with her vocal capabilities at this years Forbidden Fruit Festival in D’Aria.

Afrikaans, rock band met African influences, Reggae. en Blues. Amptelik 12 jaar op die Rock ‘n Roll highway.
Affie Somerset West. Powered by Fender en Jagermeister. Was Die Dennis Brothers Band since 1991 & speel van 1998 af as Akkedis.

Vyf Albums nou nl:

Husse Met Lang Ore
Vir Volk En Vaderland
Afrika My Baby

Cameraman and Editor: Wilhelm G Rabie ( Procure multimedia )

The Band
Rudi Dennis on Drums.
AJ Graham on Bass
Arthur Dennis on Vox and Guitar.
You can follow the band on.…

For more information on upcoming festivals check out:

an independent digital video production company, based in Cape Town South Africa.


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