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Van Coke Kartel Live at the Forbidden Fruit Festival in D’Aria 2010. Van Coke Kartel did what they did best and rocked the socks of everybody at the festival with songs like Voor ons stof word , September Fools and Verdoof vergiftig en verskoon my. This Band is a Must see. Hope you enjoy the video, Verdoof vergiftig en verskoon my.

Van Coke Kartel is Francois Van Coke, Wynand Myburgh, Jedd Kossew and JC Oosthuizen

Just two years after their first release, Van Coke Kartel is back with a third full-length album — Skop, Skiet en Donner. The new album follows on the group’s 2009 SAMA-winning release, Waaksaam & Wakker and once again confirms Van Coke Kartel as a unique phenomenon on the Afrikaans music landscape.

Francois Van Coke and Wynand Myburgh grew up in Bellville together, and have shared their love for making music for as many years as they have been friends. They have played together in many bands over the years, of which Fokofpolisiekar is the best known.

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Cameraman and Editor: Wilhelm G Rabie ( Procure multimedia )



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