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Disruptive, revolutionary, game changing, paradigm shifting, visionary, challenging, rule breaking, irreverent. All are adjectives used to describe the technology and the pioneers that envisioned a true digital evolution of film, the minds behind RED. HD was a step backwards, offering less, not more, resolution than 35mm film. Modest steps along the path of innovation had to be leap-frogged. When the RED ONE was first conceptualized, the technology didn’t exist to build it, recording solutions didn’t exist to capture it and no one thought it was possible. No one except for a small band of people not smart enough to know that it couldn’t be done.

The company was created and financed by Oakley founder Jim Jannard with the publicly expressed intent to reinvent the camera industry. The company’s main product is the Red One, which can record at resolutions up to 4,096 horizontal by 2,304 vertical pixels, directly to flash or hard disk storage. It features a single Super 35-sized CMOS sensor and a cinematography industry standard PL mount.


The first feature film shot and completed on the Red One 4k was Red Canvas, starring Ernie Reyes, Jr. Director Steven Soderbergh shot both parts of the movie  Che entirely with the Red One camera. Soderbergh is very enthusiastic about the camera, stating that “this is the camera I’ve been waiting for my whole career: jaw-dropping imagery recorded onboard a camera light enough to hold with one hand. I don’t know how Jim and the Red team did it—and they won’t tell me—but I know this: Red is going to change everything.” He again used the Red One for his subsequent films The Girlfriend Experience and  The Informant! . The Academy Award-nominated  District 9 was mostly shot using nine Red Ones.

Werner Herzog shot his film My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? with the Red One. He was disappointed with the camera’s long reboot times, saying “It drove me insane, because sometimes something is happening and you can’t just push the button and record it”. He described the camera as “an immature camera created by computer people who do not have a sensibility or understanding for the value of high-precision mechanics”.

The TNT cable channel show Leverage also uses Red One cameras for filming of all their episodes.

Degrassi: The Next Generation has used Red One cameras from the Tenth Season on.

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, a new three episode series broadcast in April 2009 (released on DVD with a feature length director’s cut in June 2009), was shot with a Red One camera using 4k resolution.[19]

The 2010 film The Social Network was shot on the Red One camera at 4K resolution.

Kevin Smith has been filming his upcoming film Red State on a Red camera.

For the second half of  ERs final season, the show was filmed using the RED One. Its replacement on NBCSouthland, was also shot using the RED One.

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