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Definitely one of the best high-budget skate videos out there. Changed skate videos forever. ‘The end‘ was the first skateboarding movie to have 16mm and 35mm film used in it.

What video has exploding vans, beer guzzling chimps, hardcore porn queens, and a gnarly decapitation?



There is no real plot that runs throughout this documentary. Instead, each skater was placed into their segment to showcase their skills. Some of the skaters also incorporated a short story into their segments. ( Doesn’t the Nike concept sound pretty familiar???? supa creative on nikes part duh, now that was a K@k video)

Rick McCrank

The film opens with a scene of  Rick McCrank looking for a job, and boarding an airplane . This then cuts to Rick grinding down a rail in a high school, as well as some general  street skateboarding.

Willy Santos

This cuts back to the plane scene and then transitions to  Willy Santos ( Philippines )  becoming a human taco. Willy street skating is then shown.

Andrew Reynolds

Next comes a scene of an orangutan sitting out the front of a caravan trailer. This immediately cuts to scenes of  Andrew Reynolds‘ skating. Andrew’s segment finishes with him returning to the caravan trailer to share some  beers with the orangutan. An argument follows as the orangutan has consumed all the beer, and the scene ends with a bottle being smashed over Andrew’s head.

Team Birdhouse Amateurs

This transitions to Brian Sumner displaying some street skating skills, and then goes to  Ali Cairns who demonstrates vert skills. Finally, the last of  Team Birdhouse‘s amateurs –  Jeff Lenoce – displays some street skating.

Steve Berra

Next  Steve Berra is being seen chased by the camera in what can only be described as a tribute to horror films and the “unknown attacker“. He is attacked a few more times – each time “waking up from a nightmare“. Finally, he falls asleep and his street skating skills are displayed. During Steve’s skating sequence, the “unknown attacker” is constantly monitoring him. At the end of the segment, Steve fails to land a grind on the bench and becomes aggressive towards the camera. At this time the “unknown attacker” quickly approaches Steve and decapitates him. Steve’s segment ends when two FBI-like agents (one of which is famous skateboarder/actor The Late Harold Hunter)drive up in a black SUV and collect his head. The sequence uses a clever adaptation of breaking the fourth wall. Super creative.

Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart

Next Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart are seen street skating, driving a van and demolishing a portaloo, driving over trees and  traffic cones on the freeway, and eventually blowing it up. The next scene is interpreted as Jeremy and Heath, having ‘died’ from the accident, have gone to heaven – complete with Lexus cars, as well as pornographic actresses  Janine  Lindemulder and Kobe Tai dressed as french maids. Jeremy and Heath are now ‘living it up’, and playing some Golden Eye  007 on the Nintendo 64 , then going out and perform more street skating. This time they skate on and in a petrol station, a Blockbuster,get drunk, set a shed on fire, and end up jumping off a pier – all while wearing business suits. Symbolically, this may be representative of Jeremy and Heath ending up in hell.


Bucky Lasek and Tony Hawk

This last sequence opens as Bucky Lasek is shown being the lackey for Tony Hawk‘s domestic tasks. Bucky is seen cleaning the pool, cleaning up after the cat, and other domestic chores while Tony is seen relaxing and talking on the phone. Bucky’s t-shirt claims: “I am a piece of shit #2“. Footage of both of them on a vert ramp are intermingled within the domestic shots. Footage then shifts to that of only Tony Hawk on an indoor vert ramp. Other messages of “Tony Hawk #1 Bucky Lasek #2” flash up on screen. Tony finally slips and falls on the ramp, but awakens in an outdoor ramp, built inside a bull ring, dressed as a matador. The outdoor has a roller coaster loop, which after some attempts is successfully skated by Tony. Meanwhile, a disturbed Bucky is seen wiring up some plastic explosive in the bull ring. Bucky calls Tony on a mobile phone, and while on the phone with Tony, triggers off the explosives, thereby killing Tony. Instantly, Bucky’s t-shirt now reads: “I am the shit #1“. However, the full expletive is never shown in full. Bucky is seen driving off in a black Dodge Viper, and this is followed by some scenes of Bucky skating vert.


Sk8 Vids always look so smooth and flawless. Behind the scenes with Marky van Niekerk in Beautiful CAPE TOWN South Africa. Get tricks or die trying.

The Chip

Film by Ty Evans and Spike JonzeYeah Right! is notable for its soundtrack, length, and the extensive use of never-before-seen (in a skateboarding video) special effects.

The introduction credits for the video feature a unique series of shots in ultra-slow motion, filmed with Jonze’s personal camera that is capable of shooting 100 frames per second. The camera is low to the ground and very close to the skateboarder as various flip tricks are completed.

directed by Ty Evans and Spike JonzeYeah Right! is notable for its soundtrack, length, and the extensive use of never-before-seen (in a skateboarding video) special effects.

Spike Jonze is also part owner of skateboard company Girl Skateboards with riders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll.

He is best known for his collaborations with writer  Charlie Kaufman, which include the 1999 film  Being John Malkovich and the 2002 film Adaptation. , and for his work as director of the 2009 film  Where the Wild Things Ar  e. He is also credited as a co-creator of MTV‘s  Jackass

One of the most influential skateboarders of all time Andrew Reynolds, talks about his obsessive compulsive disorder and his weird pre-trick rituals.

In this Epicly Later’d episode we go to the legendary set of stairs at Wallenburg in San Francisco, a proving ground for professional skateboarders.


A day in the life with Pro skater Bobby Worrset. Model citizen doing work in the community and helping kids get off crack.

A film by Rory Sheridan