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Digital video is one of the fastest growing formats for travel industry marketers in 2014.

According to eMarketer’s report “The U.S. Travel Industry 2014: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends,” digital video is expected to account for up to 30 percent of marketers’ total digital budgets by the end of 2014.


And that’s little surprise when considering that branded video content is the most watched type of travel-related video watched by U.S. travelers today.

Based on a survey of almost 2,500 business and leisure travelers, branded videos were more popular than videos and trip reviews produced by experts, regular travelers, and even friends and family.



Perhaps due to the rapid growth of the format, digital videos produced by the travel and lodging industry attract more viewers than most other industries today.

Travel and lodging-related videos attracted more than 270 million views in the fourth-quarter of 2013. View volume was beat only by the automotive and electronics industries.

Seeking to capitalize on the impressive growth, digital video publishers are creating new ways to track views and deliver more personalized messages.

One example cited in the eMarketer report explains how travel advertisers are now ending ads with real-time airfare prices based on viewers’ current locations.


Travel brands are using video to reach customers and build loyalty.

Released February 2014: Online video is rapidly eclipsing television as the most effective channel for travel marketing, especially for brands targeting younger demographics. What can marketers learn from the success of travel industry leaders?

  • Find out why creative video marketing is more important for airlines
  • Understand best practices for YouTube and alternative video platforms such as Vine
  • Learn how to develop a consistent, cost-effective video strategy from influential marketers

Online video is rapidly enclipsing television as the most effective channel for marketing, especially for marketers targeting younger demographics. For a largely commodified and opaque business, video marketing is more important for the airlines than most travel-related business. As a result, airlines are among the most successful producers of video marketing in the travel industry. Even the once boring in-flight safety video is assering itself as a chance to define and defferentiate the airline brand.